gee I'm still working on this...I keep thinking I am done...I am now doing a second patina coat as we speak...feel like calling it "Good Samaritan" now...

  So I had some gold powder from KamaPigments.com (Montreal), 

I took an empty Febreze bottle & filled it with some of the custom eco-friendly concrete sealer (no VOC) from Eco-House...Then I added a painting knife full of raw umber mineral silicate paint for cement, also from Eco-House...Shook it all up...
  Put the hand & the wrist cultured marble sculptures into the Petsmart cat litter box, & sprayed away...Flipped them over with my dishglove coated hands, sprayed some more...of course while wearing my super cool clear lens frameless Oakley  Glasses for eye protection...
  Now I will wait as it dries...Cool patina though eh?

Here is a pic of the Oakley Dartboard rimless clear lens sunglasses I wear to work in...They are hard to find now...newer models are not so esoteric...For working you need frameless, because the frame interferes with your line of sight...You need the shield type lens to block out dust & fume...You need a clear lens to see...Very hard to find & no the cheaper brands are not just as good...Eye safety is one of the most important things for an artist...Spend your money there...Said by the daughter of a neuro-ophthalmological surgeon...(me)
Here's maybe a better picture...
7/30/2012 07:21:12 pm

Hmmm… interesting take. I can’t say that I agree with you completely but your position is laid out well

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