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 Here is a copy of the letter/questions, I sent to a lawyer here in Toronto...(I have also spoken to the Ombudsman for Life & health Insurance today, Rene Autret 416-777-9002 about issuing a cease & desist order on this product against Assurant Solutions including a letter to all consumers involved since 2001, & a refund to all consumers involved...This can either be done voluntarily by Assurant Solutions Canada, can be ordered as a cease & desist order by the OLHI, or it can go as a class action lawsuit against Assurant Solutions ABLAC & include all companies involved such as RBC, TD etc. who helped to endorse this faulty flawed product...In 2001 Providian gave back 105 million dollars on this credit protection insurance in San Francisco- it is interesting to note that that is when the product moved into Canada...(ie: move to Canada when something becomes illegal in the States...) Please inform me of whether or not Asurant Solutions will give me a refund, or a refund to all consumers involved or voluntarily cease & desist from selling this product with an apology letter to all clients involved since 2001...No one likes to litigate class action lawsuits unless they have to...The loss to reputation combined with the severe monies involved in legal fees is usually deterent enough, especially for a company trying to make friends in the cold Canadian marketplace... 

Letter follows: I discovered a charge for balance protection insurance on my Td Visa card recently…I called to the unknown charges line & was told that this was for balance protection insurance…I said I never signed up for it…They said ‘did I want an investigation…’ I said yes…They said they have a phone record of me agreeing…They did not produce this for me to hear…I said it doesn’t matter, I didn’t sign anything on paper…They said they sent me something in writing…I said I never got it…They sent me a final letter saying they won’t give me a refund for any monies paid…Turns out I had paid $2,684.70 plus interest without knowing…When I checked this policy, it says that self-employed people don’t qualify…I am self-employed…I think this should be void abinitio because I was not qualified before they took my monies…They say the thing in writing which I didn’t receive detailed the specifics…But they also say that the phone record is the contract…In the States there are many many class action lawsuits going on now about this very same credit protection insurance & the brunt of the class action is that people who didn’t qualify were sold this without pre-qualifying that they were disabled, self-employed or otherwise unqualified…Negative Option Billing was made illegal in Canada in 2005…But I was signed up before 2005…(The product came onto this market here in 2001 apparently…) Negative option billing means they sign you up over the phone, send something obscure in writing & you have to call to cancel…Because this product does not appear on statements if you don’t carry a balance, & I didn’t for two years after they say I said yes over the phone, I didn’t know it existed…My husband has been checking my credit card statements & he didn’t pick it up either…It looks like a bank fee…because the amount varies it doesn’t look like a recurring charge…The entire practice of selling this product has been deemed deceptive…The act of deception is apparently significant when rescission is demanded by the insured or insurer…I have reported this to the correct Financial(Financial Consumer Agency of Canada) bodies as well as the Insurance boards (FSCO), the Minister of Finance etc., as well as online on my websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook fan page…The underwriter is Assurant Solutions otherwise known as ABLAC or American bankers Life Assurance Company of Florida…I cannot join the American class action lawsuits because I am a Canadian…I have put word out to other Canadians that they can join in a class action lawsuit if interested…
I’d still like to get my money back…The person I am dealing with at Td Insurance is not understanding the issues on the level of intellect needed: translation: she is paid to said no…There has been some media coverage on CBC Marketplace by Wendy Mesley, also by Ellen Roseman who hunts for wrongdoing on behalf of consumers & gets some restitutions…
I was thinking of going to small claims court, but since there are possibly so many Canadians who have been hurt by this, thought to stall on that & consider better a class action pursuit…There is strength in numbers…
It is not alot of money for a lawyer to pursue my amount, I am aware…Usually more for a class action lawsuit…What are your thoughts, & are you interested?

Sari Grove thought on October 3rd, 2011 7:15 pm  The lawyer is: Andrew Suboch B.A., LL.B.
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