• Letter about Credit Card Protection Insurance corruption in Canada:From:"Joseph & Sari Grove" <grovecanada@fastmail.fm>To:webadmin@justice.gc.caDate:Sat, 3 Dec 2011 3:15 PM (6 minutes 41 seconds ago)For: The Honourable Robert Nicholson, P.C., Q.C., M.P. for Niagara Falls, OntarioMinister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada,   regarding: Credit card protection Insurance in Canada,     A brief explanation & request...  The banks sell credit card protection insurance over the phone when you activate or re-activate your credit card...   This credit card protection insurance does not appear on your credit card statement unless you carry a balance, & it becomes a percentage of that debt balance...  Most of the people sold this type of insurance on their credit card are in fact excluded from ever making a claim- excluded classes include but are not limited to: the self-employed, the retired, the jobless, those jobless when saying yes over the phone but who get a job later, those already disabled, seasonal workers, part-time workers, freelancers...  When sold this insurance the bank does not state the exclusions nor do they ask any questions if one is in fact pre-excluded...  Years can go by with this money being taken from one's credit card, without one even knowing the charge is there because it is buried in statements as "balance protection", without the word insurance appearing, so people think it is a credit card fee...Of course, the "yes" over the phone is not on paper, so there is no signed contract to look at...There is no annual reminder or confirmation of the contract, which is how years may go by...  There are thousands & thousands of Canadians who have been duped by this fraud...The individual suits though would be too low for a person to hire a lawyer for however...Mine for example is for $2,684.70 plus interest...  I was sold this credit card protection insurance, though I found out in August of this year, 2011, that self-employed people are pre-excluded...I have tried for 4 months to get a refund from TD Canada trust Bank to no avail...  Td Canada trust bank has been excluded from OBSI since November the 1st, 2011...Which means that there is now no governing body available to me on that level who can enact a systemic refund to all wronged people...  Credit protection Insurance has been successfully litigated already by Attorney Generals in the United States...A google search of those words will bring up articles or I can provide reference articles if need be...There are dozens...Also in England...  The provincial level in Canada doesn't work at the moment because the banks say that the bank Act supersedes any provincial bodies...  This suit should result in hundreds of millions of dollars being refunded to all people who have bought credit card protection insurance in Canada since it arrived here in 2001...  I feel that this is a matter for the Attorney General of Canada, The Honourable Robert Nicholson...  Canada is centralized enough that a swift & broad suit would clean up this corruptive & unduly profit enhancing unfair & unconscionable trade practice by our banks... Thank you for your time & attention to this matter,   *feel free to call 416-924-9725, write to grovecanada@fastmail.fm, or snail mail a response to me at...  My mailing address is: Mrs. Sari Grove306-15 McMurrich streetToronto, OntarioM5R 3M6  Sari Grove p.s. Or just commence legal action against the banks & let's get this done!  All the best, Sari


This CBC special video shows Td Canada Trust Mis-selling Mortgage Insurance...Which points to the Canadian government just abolishing any insurance sale NOT made by a licensed insurance professional in Canada- that is law already in Alberta, let's make it National!(for the time being, DON'T buy insurance from anybody who doesn't have a licence-that means the banks!

http://www.slideshare.net/GroveCanada read our 139 page presentation that got a renter 15K in relocation money for being asked to leave in order for a developer to tear down her home to build more condos...
12/6/2011 01:08:53 am

Td Canada trust sold me credit card protection insurance over the phone...What they didn't tell me was that self-employed people are excluded from making a claim...I have been trying to get a refund of those premiums taken directly from my Td Visa card...It is time that Canada forbids the selling of insurance by non-licensed people including the banks...It is already banned in Alberta, though TD fought that all the way to the Supreme Court...Anyone?

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