"Magnolia" 3x4ft oils avilable, Tempesta 3x4ft oils available, Nest 15 rolls 1/4 inch Sisal design prototype, Swanee 70x30x30 ferrocement sculpture sold, Peyote Coyote ferrocement work in progress sculpture available when finished
  1.   What kind of work do you do? 2D, 3D, is it big or small, how small, how big, what is it made of, is it eco-friendly, where are those materials sourced from, locally or from far away, what does your work cost to make, how much do you sell it for?
  2.   Who are you? How old are you, what gender are you, what colour is your hair, do you think you are fat or thin or muscular or good looking, are you tall, are you old, are you a fringe person or are you in groups alot?
  3.   Based on questions 1) & 2) what part of the city that you live & work in has people who are amenable to your work & to you as a person? (ie: If you look like a punk rocker, do you think corporate locations will accept you & your work easily? Or is that the point of your work? To bring new life to stodgy environments?) This will help clarify your goals, who or what exactly are you trying to change or move with your works of art?
  4. If you are planning a show, how much time & money will it cost you personally? How much time & money will you get back from doing that show? (when I write "get back time" I mean, how much time will the people involved be giving to you, including the guests? Much can be learned from doing a show, so benefits are not only monetary, sometimes not at all...If doing the show will be educational for your career, note that...)
  5. What kind of result would make you feel depressed or upset or make you feel burned & that the show was a waste of time or not worth doing in the first place? What percentage likelihood is there that that will happen? What result would make you thrilled & happy? What percentage likelihood is there that that will happen?
  6. Is there another way to do the show or the thing? That is better? Cheaper? More fun? Different? Could you just to an online show? (Note: Exhibbit.com offers $30 dollar month long online 3 dimensional looking shows that are easy to build- what do you think about that option?)
  7. If you are going to do a show yourself, or with a gallery? Do you actually like the people at the gallery? Do you like the location of the gallery? Is the gallery right for your work? How much commission do they take? Does the commission split make you happy or sad? Can you negotiate a better split for yourself? Can you actually put on a show all by yourself? Can you afford to rent a studio space for a month? or a year? Or ten years? Can you show where you live? Legally?
  8. What brings you down or up? Do you have a helpful spouse, husband, girlfriend, mother, father, brother, dog, cat, bird who keeps you company & makes your work better? Do you have burdens that take up your mental time & happiness energy? Can you get more help from the good things or people or pets in your life, with your career? Would anyone of them finance a studio show if you gave them some art work in return? is there any way to make your burdens less?
  9. Where does your art work want to be? I have a sculpture of a Trumpeter swan that could go in several places...Where is the best place for it to go...Where would your art work be most happy? If your works are happiest in your own home why are you selling them? Could you make more money on your works of art if you held onto them longer rather than going for a quick cheaper sale? Do you want your work in an art museum someday or on the wall of a deli? If you want your work to be public art outside, can it survive your local weather? is it really archival?
  10. Is it possible for you to make your day job a creative endeavour if you have a day job? Is "doing art" merely eating into your income & depriving you of income? Are you forgetting that creative people can be waitresses, construction workers, taxi drivers & janitors? Do you believe that artists are only those engaged in traditional forms of art? Do you need to be prouder of the work you do in your "day" job than quitting it all to become a painter, sculptor, musician? Are you fooling yourself with the notion that you can actually pay off your credit card debt by selling your works of art? Are you wealthy enough already that you can afford to be an artist? Is getting a an arts degree, or another art degree just a way to spend more money & defer earning any? Are you ok with that notion? Do you want to teach art, curate, run an art gallery or do related art fields that are not actually directly involved with the creation of? Do you really want to design using textiles but need to learn how to sew or weave? Figure out what exactly what your specific field might be, & what technical skills you may need to learn, brush up on or improve to do that well or better...
  11. (bonus)http://transmediartistmarketing.org/wordpress/a-guide-for-making-artist-submissions/ Does your submission process need tweaking? I read the first ten pages of this ebook for free & already I am pushed to improve my presentation when submitting...Sometimes feasibility is just a matter of getting your foot in the door & sometimes that requires better shoes, metaphorically...This book & other online help might help tweak the little things that will make the big ones more feasible...
9/14/2011 07:32:05 am

12) feasibility for if you want to work with a gallery or other venue: Question :" How many works have sold in ratio to how many works you have shown in the past year? ie: we have shown 30 works every month for the past year(30x12=360 works), & have sold 48 in total...That means on average 4 works per month have sold...Then you can go: " How much were the works you sold valued at?" so: each work was worth say on average 4K each...How much did artist get from that? Gallery takes one third commission, so artists on average got $10.66K per show...How often do your gallery artists show with you? Maximum once a year...Conclusion? An artist with that gallery might make $10.66 grand a year...Or something like that...

9/18/2011 02:13:31 am

13) The Blue Dot gallery once asked me what religion I was...I did not answer & the interview ended...I mentioned this to Carfac as a by the way...This is something I hadn't prepared for...Had I considered that someone might ask me this question, I might have had a prepared answer...I didn't...I was too shocked & couldn't speak...But, it is something I overlook...I forget that this is important to some people...The reason I couldn't answer was that the lady running the gallery was some flavour of jewish & the owner was some flavour of christian...The owner asked me the question...I didn't answer, because I didn't want to hurt the feelings of the lady curator, because I wasn't the same as her...In the Bible it says to be a jew to the jews & a gentile to the gentiles...If you are a christian...Outing myself as on thing or another sort of blows your cover...In this particular case, it would have favoured the owner to say I was christian, but then I'd end up working with the curator, who then might lose affection for me...I sort of foresaw this in a flash...I didn't want to buddy up with the owner, because that would make the curator felt left out, & to be honest, I don't buddy up with people who ask questions that are vaguely illegal in an interview...I understand that people want to know these things...But I am still not sure if it is an allowable question in a gallery artist interview...I suppose if it is worded nicely & it is a one on one one moment, it might have been ok...But since there were two people besides me present, & the correct answer was two different things, I was stuck, stymied...But, it is something to consider as an artist preparing to choose where to submit to or work with- if the people might not like you because you are the wrong religion, colour, gender, race, too fat, too thin- you may want to think about that & decide whether or not you want to deal with that or not...I didn't...Too bad...It looked like a nice gallery in a nice location...Oh well...My loss...Their loss...Maybe not for both...I do like gourmet popcorn though which is why I applied...(the owner also owns a gourmet popcorn company named Kernels I think...I was imagining an art opening with tons of popcorn everywhere...Guess I can do that still...Just not there...Aw...)

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