So Good Friday is tomorrow...Easter is on Sunday...Today is Thursday April 5, 2012...I have begun the armature for Essence of daffodil in honour of the spring season & all that it brings...Also, the Bee sculpture needs a flower to keep it company...This is a no-weld design...My invention...I used 10-24 galvanized steel rods...12-24 hexagonal stainless steel bolts...(I found the 10-24 bolts were a tight squeeze so I went up a size for the bolts)...1/2 inch copper strapping, the one with the holes in it that exactly fit these size rods...A black steel 3/4 inch nipple (yes it is called a nipple)...A 3/4 inch steel TEE to go in the nipple...& a 3/4 inch FLANGE to stick the nipple & the tee IN...This makes a strong armature to put cement on...Of course my next step will be to reinforce everything I have put together, checking all connections & tightening with pliers where I can...Then I tie on a screen mesh to the rods so that the cement has somewhere to lay upon...
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