Portland cement 2 parts (Sutton Garden & Building Supply on Finch ave)
Aggregate 1 part
Aggregates consist of:
perlite (sutton)
3/4 inch glass fibres (Kreitmaker)
white silica sand (Sutton)
Aragonite sand (in place of crushed marble-both are calcium carbonate)(source: Petsmart, reptile section)
Each of the above aggregates are in 25% portion each, to total not more than half total of cement...
Mineral Silicate paint: for colour to be mixed in integrally/special cement paint in liquid form that has alkalinity resistant ph, No Vocs, less than 5% latex (source:
Eco-friendly concrete sealer both integral & surface: A request mix mixed at Eco-House new Brunswick then sent premixed- this contains 1 part Rainsil for anti-graffiti protection to 9 parts Primasil a breathable no voc seal...If mixed integrally in the cement , makes it waterproof all the way through...

The Cook: me, Sari Grove, with help from Joseph Grove & the only elves, sculptors, professors, cement workers, artists, art critics, um, I will try to write their names later, maybe...Concrete artists group on Yahoo., Latex Concrete habitats book, Sherri Warner Hunter's books & online info,'s Elizabeth...& so on...

p.s. all this goes on top of cut copper pipes, copper couplings, crazy glued together(you could use JB weld 2 part epoxy for copper too), wrapped in cut chicken wire...ask me how if you Sari Grove