When or if you get hit in the forehead: The concussion is like a big bruise...The wound travels in a downward spiral, like a Fibonacci spiral...It starts at the front & moves to YOUR LEFT, & continues along the back of your head in the spiral...So the bruise/concussion moves...& that is how it moves...Expect to find the wound from the front of your forehead/head, at the back of your head & lower, ten years after being hit in the front of the head...The spiral is an eternal flow of nature...
cause: aluminum/potassium dominance in lymph nodes
remedy: titanium dioxide topical wash soap
product: I like Punch Studios lemon soap from Marshalls' with titanium dioxide inside
method: rub soap under armpits & other places around your lungs too, rinse, repeat

Muscular Dystrophy: a disease of sorts
brownies: an addiction in young ones who like birthday parties
kidneys: a place in your body where brownies live
Celiac: a thing that refers to a condition where the glutens in the brownies gather in your kidneys & make your right foot crampy...(related to MD Muscular Dystrophy insofar as celiac may be an early indication of brownie addiction...)(in very young children, kidneys blocked with brownies- ie: the parents'- may have passed on to the young the brownie blocked kidney...)

Marigold, Aluminum, Potassium, Styptic pencil, cut/marks in skin coagulators/healers/antibiotics like Vodka (heals cuts in skin)...

aspirin, marijuana, titanium dioxide(occurs in expensive soaps like Punch Studios lemon soap at Winners/Marshalls & SPFs like ROC spf60), cocaine (coca leaves are safer), chat (The Somali drug they brush their teeth with- it is also a green chewable plant). anti-coahulators...
Involvement: Lymph Nodes
Relation: Tuberculosis
adjunct: magnesium epsom salt baths to lower mercury levels in the gallbladder & to clean lungs...
herpetic/shingle: selenite/selenium/garlic therapy eat raw cloves with yogurt to lower blood sugars in the pancreas thereby avoiding or preventing or correcting diabetes...
Barley grass powder to regrow & correct neural tube damage in the renals/kidneys if rupture has occurred or to prevent (& repair)...

(tiny amounts in juice is nice)Tequila/Agave repairs ruptured tendons/tendonitis (caused from winter running)...Synchronize with red meat for "cross" effect...(tequila crosses with red meat to rebuild tendon...)

If Cerebral Palsy is related to the right kidney failing then Muscular Dystrophy is related to the left kidney failing...When I say/write left or right, I refer to YOUR right or YOUR left...

Pneumonia related to diabetes & antibiotics- lower sugars intake by switching to artificial sweeteners...

http://www.donaldcurrie.com/products/bio/ Toronto Dominion Canada Trust Bank uses evil hypnotist Donald Currie, son of an evil hypnotist (another Currie), & sometime "banker",  to call people & get them hypnotized into vaguely agreeing to credit balance insurance on their Td Visa credit card, thereby bilking them out of thousands of dollars in unnecessary insurance...How many other banks in Canada use son Donald Currie's services in banking to hypnotize unwilling phone customers into 20 million dollars a year in bank revenue (& it only costs the banks (like Easyline TD Canada trust's phone service) 2 million dollars a year to administer in evil hypnotist fees? (I type the word evil lest you think that hypnotism is good, or not a practice of the occult & an enemy to God...)

In other news: carbon may be the culprit in Down's Syndrome...Carbon is a fat related molecule that can be ridded by ACV(apple cider vinegar) type things...Think coal miner's lung...Think ACV to clean that out...Carbon is sticky & airborne which is why ACV is needed to clean it out...Boiled hot water with a fresh lemon squeezed in after, is useful for washing coffee out of the mouth & whitening teeth...Rumours...

New Nickelback album Here & Now for free on Itunes now, supposedly...

Crohn's disease(an Opposite to Downs Syndrome) : Haggis, colon...Characterized by Excess Titanium in Lymph nodes, which can be offset by wearing Aluminum anti-perspirant which blocks leaky lymphs...
Pumpkin, sweet potato fries: stop up diarrhea
If Down's Syndrome is black sticky coal miner's lung lymph node carbon potassium aluminum Coagulating excess dominance, THEN, the Titanium ANTI-Coagulant characteristics of Apple Cider Vinegar(shampoo?) should remove that excess or dominance...

afterthoughts but not loserthoughts:
(tequila plus beer remedy for hemorrhoids* chicken wings have cartilage)
(melon orange bite into hold as bite plate/tooth whitener *hold)
(hepatitis don't make marks in your skin chopped liver remedy)

*TAKE: strychnine titanium soap fresh air *cleans
chlorine magnesium water epsom salts* cleans refreshes
baking powder fat carbon charcoal wood

Equals Homemade
= equals homemade cocaine

Ok, a peanut allergy is excess manganese in the thymus
iron is the corollary or opposite to manganese
manganese is NOT the same as magnesium btw
The Thymus is NOT the same as the thyroid gland
pesticides are made of nicotine or zinc
nicotine or zinc is the corollary or opposite to lead
lead & zinc live in the THYROID gland
MS or multiple sclerosis is too much lead
peanuts are grown in nicotine zinc to keep bugs off
bugs contain protein or B12
B12 is found in Baltic amber beads
iron & B12 are very close to each other
anemia is a deficit of iron or an excess of manganese
anemia affects the thymus gland
an epi-pen contains caffeine which contains iron
injecting iron into an anemic person is a good thing
a bee injects iron too but naturally
a wasp injects iron too & doesn't die after the injection
a fly does not really inject but just visits you & deposits iron...
Bugs are your friends...
A spider can inject iron venom too...
That is a good thing if you are anemic...
Peanut butter which contains manganese can be dangerous to an anemic person, because by raising manganese levels in the thymus, you lower iron levels...
get it???

People with Down's Syndrome should drink a little bit of vinegar in water daily...This will remove the carbon molecule fat from their lungs, slowly...(carbon is like charcoal or coal)...Vinegar is the opposite of carbon...Carbon & fat are similar...Fat is a blocker...Vinegar is an enabler (in a good way)...People with Crohn's disease should not drink vinegar...People with Crohn's disease should eat haggis, go to Scotland, or adopt sheep...People with Crohn's disease should use charcoal to barbeque...People with Crohn's disease are LOW in fat in their lungs...(The colon is merely a passageway btw)...(btw stands for by the way btw)...