Just finishing tying on the mesh on top of the steel rods...I feel something about Colony Collapse Disorder is being said...I also sense that I may build a honeycomb home for the Bee...Ironically, the Bee has been sitting on top of a microwave, & when I picked it up it was almost electric itself! I wonder if real bees also feel microwaves & other Electric impulses so easily? Wondering if I am going to go with a yellow & black bee, or maybe an original colour, like Blue? Maybe Blue & white? 

p.s. A Neato Coolo way to isolate your subject for a picture is to go to the free Fotoflexer.com site , go to the "GEEK" function, then choose the "Smart Scissors" function...Then just click all around the subject in the picture you want to isolate...Return to your first point & it closes then when you close all the dots it says "Create Cutout"...Click that & it removes everything else from your picture...Then click "Save"...(as a jpg is fine)...
5/20/2012 03:58:38 pm

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