right eye problems:kidneys, left eye probs: heart, Vinegar + water cleans out lymph nodes from carbon (coal/fat/down's syndrome)...milk thistle liquid cleans out liver of alcohol...barley grass powder/fibre/bran reverses, heals & repairs neural tube damage like in renal(kidney)... damage...


Category T: Tuberculosis, colds, fresh air, titanium dioxide, rat poison, warfarin, cocaine, coca leaves, chat (the Somali plant they chew to clean their teeth), vinegar, people with Crohn's disease, pneumonia, 

are all related, insofar as they are anti-coagulators to the lymph nodes,


Category C: Carbon, coal, charcoal, fat, aluminum, potassium, styptic pencils, bananas, baking powder, baking soda (which differs from baking powder in that it doesn't have the teeny tiny vinegar component), Down's syndrome, coal miners' daughters, warm air, 

are all related insofar as they are all Coagulators to the lymph nodes (which are the tip of the iceberg for the lungs btw),

THEN, Category T & category C are OPPOSITES, living together in balance in the lymph nodes, & when one or the other category becomes dominant, sickness occurs...


for example,

*if you have tuberculosis or Crohn's disease, then you should look for things in category C...

*if you have Down's Syndrome, you should look for things in category T...

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